Is This How the McLaren 650S Should Look?

The brand new McLaren 650S is in some respects a bit of a head scratcher. McLaren dubs it as a new model but it shares 75 per cent of its parts with the ‘entry-level’ 12C supercar. As a result of this, the 650S from the rear and sides at least, looks almost identical to the 12C whereas at the front, it looks like a mini P1 (certainly no bad thing).

However, how would the 650S look if McLaren decided to stretch the P1 design inspiration to the rear end? Well, thanks to designer ‘Drifter’ over at the McLaren Life forums, we can now see just how such a 650S would look. Drifter has managed to incorporate many of the unique styling elements from the tail of the P1, most notably its tail lights and apply a similar setup to the 650S. The results….well they’re quite incredible.

Additionally, the McLaren 650S has been rendered with a similar fine mesh grille design at the tail along with a much more aggressive carbon fiber diffuser than the smooth one found standard on the mid-level McLaren supercar. When fitted with new wheels similar to those from the P1 as well as some final vents on both sides of the rear bumper and a modified rear wing, the 650S really looks like a mini version of the P1, and that much better for it.

Is This How the McLaren 650S Should Look?

As you’ll see in the gallery, ‘Drifter’ also rendered the 650S with a quad exhaust pipe setup as well as a couple of different rear wings.

Let us know below how you like this redesigned 650S. If you’re an upcoming 650S owner, then be sure to ask MSO to make these visual changes a reality!

[Via McLaren Life]

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  1. man that looks so nice McLaren should use that idea for the 650s I totally like it,its badass drifter I like your work one day when I own a 650s I want my rear end to look like that.

  2. Epic is not an exaggeration, in fact I think these are so good someone at McLaren NEEDS or SHOULD see these. I personally like the exhaust on the blue version better. Amazing work!


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