This Maybach 62 Has One Covered Over One Million Miles Since 2004

While those with absolutely no interest in cars may see the Rolls-Royce Phantom as the pinnacle of luxury, a few years ago when it was still being produced, the Maybach 62 arguably offered even more for the money.

Longer than the Phantom by quite some margin and consequently greater leg room, the Maybach 62 was produced by Mercedes-Benz. However, not too long ago Mercedes-Benz decided to kill off the Maybach brand and will instead provide more luxurious versions of the latest S-Class to effectively replace it. Nevertheless, there are still many Maybachs being driven and the following has to be one of the most impressive.

This Maybach 62 Has One Covered Over One Million Miles Since 2004

Owned by a Liechtenstein businessman called Josef Weikinger, this Maybach 62 has travelled more than 1 million miles since he purchased it back in April 2004! It is impossible to say just how far Weikinger’s Maybach has travelled since the odometer cannot move past 999999 miles. However, it is estimated by Weikinger’s logbooks that he passed the one million mile mark back in September 2009.

The original twin-turbocharged V12 engine from his Maybach 62 lasted an impressive 600,000 miles. It was then completely replaced and two months later, the transmission and front shocks were replaced.

This Maybach 62 Has One Covered Over One Million Miles Since 2004

In August 2013, Weikinger decided to finally part ways with his beloved 62. Since then, he has been driving a BMW 760Li. The Maybach’s new owner continues to drive it.

Pretty impressive right?

[Via Auto Motor und Sport]

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  1. One Million Miles? As far as I know it's one million Kilometers (I read this story in a German car magazine a few months ago).


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