With the Geneva Motor Show 2014 just one week away the rumor mill is spinning in overdrive. We set out to provide the answer to the simple question: is the rumor true or not?

Rumor: Audi will show the next generation Audi R8 in Geneva?

No, Geneva 2014 will see the debut of the new Audi TT and a few other Audis but not the new Audi R8 which shares the platform with the new Lamborghini Huracan.

Rumor: Bugatti will show a Super-Veyron in Geneva?

Answer: No, don’t expect any Bugatti concept until all remaining Grand Sports are sold. In Geneva you can expect to the 4th Bugatti Legend to break cover.

Rumor: Lamborghini will show a Lamborghini Aventador Superverloce in Geneva?

Answer: No, at the Geneva 2014 show the new Lamborghini Huracan will be in the center of the attention.

Rumor: Maserati will show a LaFerrari counterpart in Geneva?

Answer: No, although Maserati didn’t rule out the idea to develop a Maserati MC12 successor, there won’t be one at the Geneva Motor Show 2014.

Rumor: The McLaren 650 S to debut in Geneva will replace the McLaren 12C?

Answer: No, the 650 S is positioned between the 12C and P1. Both the 12C and 650 S should be build simultaneously at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking.

Rumor: Pagani will debut a Pagani Huayra Roadster in Geneva?

Answer: No, Pagani will show the final Zonda Revolucion and a regular Pagani Huayra at the Geneva Motor Show 2014.

Rumor: The Porsche 991 GT2 will celebrate its debut in Geneva?

Answer: Porsche says no.

Rumor: A Porsche 991 Targa Turbo will be introduced in Geneva?

Answer: Not going to happen either.

Rumor: Mansory will bring some insane creations to Geneva once again?

Answer: Hell yes!

If you have any other rumors for us to debunk feel free to send them over via email or the comments below!

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  1. This was a lot of negative answers…I would love to see something from Pagani that is not a Huayra AS ALWAYS and a car you can not buy because all the Revolucion Zondas are sold. And I would love to see something funny from Lamborghini alongside the Huracan although I understand that ALL the focus should be on the Huracan so they wont do that.


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