Ralph Gilles Downplays Rumours of SRT Barracuda

Way back in 2012, rumours first surfaced suggesting that SRT was planning to revive the Barracuda name to create a Mustang and Camaro rival while also replacing the current Dodge Challenger. Even at the time, those suggestions seemed a bit too radical to be true and now, SRT boss Ralph Gilles has shot down these rumours and more recent ones.

While speaking with Automobile Mag at the Chicago Auto Show 2014, Gilles said, “It’s something that has grown legs on its own. It’s not something that we have confirmed.” He did however comment, “I never say never”.

When you think about it, creating a new Barracuda simply doesn’t make any since. Dodge already has the muscle car market handled with the Challenger. Additionally, it is set to receive an all-new engine delivering over 600 hp very soon. As a result, a new Barracuda would have to be smaller than the Challenger and that would require a brand new platform which would simply be too expensive to make justifiable.

While speaking about the possibility of SRT creating more small cars, Gilles mentioned that no small SRT powered vehicle has been decided on saying, “That’s probably the number one question on my Twitter. We did disproportionately well with the Neon-based SRT4.”

[Via Automobile Magazine]

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