Tesla Model S Gold Edition Wheels by T Sportline

T Sportline, the world’s first Tesla Model S tuner, has just released two new wheels for the electric luxury sedan. The wheels are part of the Gold Edition collection and are available in a unique rose gold shade dubbed UbeRose and a more traditional golden finish called Ghostgold.

Tesla Model S Gold Edition Wheels by T Sportline

The wheels are made from forged 6061 T-6 aluminium and are manufactured in California and a 20 per cent lighter than the factory 21 inch wheels fitted to the Model S. Both come with a matte black lug nut set and all up, just 20 sets will be produced for some lucky Tesla Model S owners.

The duo you see pictured above display the two wheel finishes. The most eye-catching of the two is definitely the white Mode S with Rose Gold wheels as well as bright green brake calipers and green logos all around.


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