Fast N' Loud Ferrari F40 Heading to Barrett-Jackson Auction

The completely restored and completely unique Ferrari F40 transformed on hit TV show Fast N’ Loud is heading to Barrett-Jackson’s January 12-19th Scottsdale auction.

As you would imagine, this true one off comes with a reserve price which has yet to be revealed. However, expect it to be well above $1 million. For those that didn’t know, this Ferrari F40 started off life as a regular red F40. However, it was crashed with just 7,148 miles on the clock.

The guys at Gas Monkey Garage, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman purchased it for $400,000 and set about completely transforming and repairing it. They stripped it down to the chassis and strengthened and fixed the damaged frame. The build was helped by Stuart Singer an expert in Ferrari restoration and M. Luongo, a leading tech-head and certified Lamborghini and Ferrari repairer.

Fast N' Loud Ferrari F40 Heading to Barrett-Jackson Auction

Turned into the world’s only Ferrari F40 fitted with some upgraded turbocharges for the 2.9-liter V8 engine, the Ferrari F40 by Gas Monkey Garage now delivers 550hp. Additionally, it features a completely unique black finish along with some custom black HRE wheels. It also includes new LED headlights and ditches the pop-up lights of the normal Ferrari F40.

Stay tuned to GTspirit to get any updates about how the auction goes when it kicks off on January 12th!

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  1. Also they installed the switch for the braking light with a hammer, because it wouldn't fit in first try O.o I don't wanna know where they "improvised" as well…


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