Unlim 500+ Dragn Racing Heads to Greece

For the very few of our readers who may not be familiar with the Unlim 500+ rag racing events frequently held in Russia then you are missing out. Basically, Unlim 500+ is home to the world’s fastest street cars competing over the standing mile for the quickest time and highest top speed.

Recently the event made its debut outside of Russia heading to a free runway in Greece. While the event may have been held thousands of miles away from Russia, some of the staples of the Russian held event were in attendance including some 1500hp+ Nissan GT-Rs and Lamborghinis.


Arguably the most impressive car to hit the track however was an insane Saleen S7 tuned to produce over 2000 hp at all four wheels. Featuring a brand new 10-liter twin-turbocharged engine created by Total Race and recently filmed on the dyno, this absolute beast proved as one of the major attractions of the event.

The following video is an introductory video to the Greece held event!

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