There are not many famous cars in the world. There are cars that feature in movies, cars that are owned by celebs and then there are cars that are famous for looking and sounding and just being so outrageous! Here we have one of those cars, the infamous TRON Lamborghini Aventador!

This Lamborghini started life as an orange car (hence the orange interior) which was them wrapped in a matte purple and was worked on by Aventador specialists Oakley Design but visually remained standard apart from the tuners trademark wing. The next summer, when the car visited Europe once more, the Qatari car returned in its most extravagant form, with panels finished in a chrome purple with edges left in the original orange that glowed leading to the ‘TRON’ title.

This finish was complemented with some deep dished ADV.1 Wheels and further mods from LB Performance including a menacing body kit. The Qatari royal that drove around popular parts of London such as Knightsbridge sure put on a show. The exhaust system fitted to the supercar would often produce huge flames, the car was filmed flaming on a number of occasions!

However, all was not well for TRON. In a rather hostile Police crackdown the famous car was towed away and impounded by the Metropolitan Police for not having all insurance documents present although the car was legitimately insured. The Police made the most of the opportunity by displaying the car outside New Scotland Yard Police station!

This one-off car is now for sale in Qatar, the price has not been disclosed but this car certainly will not be cheap! You can view the full advertisement at Qatar Sale



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