TechArt Porsche 991 Turbo

The Porsche tuning market has been a little quiet of late. We’ve seen aerodynamic and performance upgrades for the Porsche 991 Carrera models, yet companies like Techart appear to have been very quiet recently. That quiet period is about to end with the introduction of the brand new Porsche 991 Turbo!

Leonberg-based TechArt have unveiled their kit for the Porsche 991 Turbo. It is a first stage TechArt Porsche 991 Turbo which will make its debut at the Essen Motor Show next week. The kit combines a new front spoiler, a fixed rear spoiler, a roof spoiler and rear diffuser trim for a complete aerodynamic overhaul.

Visual updates include TechArt-designed side skirts, headlamp trims, aero wings and sport tailpipes. The new TechArt kit is wider, flatter and longer than any of its predecessors. It is constructed from a lightweight fibre composite of carbon and polyurethane RIM, to give maximum strength and optimal performance.

TechArt have included measures such as a button on the dash that controls the front apron spoiler. This allows the driver to either fully extend by the press of a button at speeds under 120 km/h, or for the automatic overide to take place at speeds of over 120 km/h. When the driver reduces speed to 80 km/h the spoiler retracts automatically.

A TechArt sports exhaust system is included within the package with a valve control and a TechArt sound muffler kit. The rims are brand new 21-inch TechArt Formula IV light-alloy wheels with a 5-twin-spoke design. They are available in standard or individual colours as well as in bi-colour finish. TechArt Formula light-alloy wheels are available in 20-inch sizings for all Porsche 911 Turbo models.

 TechArt Porsche 991 Turbo

At the suspension side of things, TechArt fit a sport spring kit which will lower ride height, although by how much TechArt have not yet revealed. TechArt offer a noselift system indentical to that featured on previous 991 Carrera models. Power upgrades will follow in the near future (Geneva Motor Show 2014) and all of the above will receive TÜV certification.

Inside, the sky is the limit! TechArt can fit aluminium door entry guards, a 3-spoke multifunctional sport steering wheel with TechArt paddle shifters, aluminium sport pedals and an aluminium foot rest. Elsewhere TechArt offer decorative stitching, backrests for sport seats plus in leather, custom safety belts, in-house interior styling packages in coloured carbon fibre and much more!

The car in the photos features the front spoiler finished in white, aero wings in meteor grey, headlight trims in white, side mirrors in azure blue, side skirts in white, side air channels in meteor grey, rear spoiler in white, diffuser trim in white with the rear diffucer itself finished in meteor grey, roof spoiler in white and performance décor in azure blue and silver. Brake calipers are custom coloured azure blue with white TechArt logo. Inside, there is a carbon package together with a variety of unique colour applications!

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