BMW M3 Pick-up at the Ring

The E92 BMW M3 is a brilliant car, a great big V8 up front, power going to the rear and the choice of an good old manual or fantastic DCT gearbox in the middle. It was a little over wight but nothing too serious. The BMW M3 Saloon added a little practicality but what if you were, lets say, a builder and you wanted to use your 414bhp M3 for work?

Well back in 2011 BMW took an April fool’s joke a little to far and built… a one-off M3 pickup truck. As you can see, this is no joke and the car has been spotted once again at the fearsome Nurburgring. Some might remember that in 2011, the M3 Pick-Up hit an astonishing 300km/h which we imagine is very very scary considering that there is no real wight over the rear wheels, where the power is being laid down.

BMW M3 Pick-up at the Ring

Based on the convertible, due to its extra bracing, this pick-up is a targa, with a flat-bed and tow bar for added practicality. It’s also 50kg lighter than the M3 Coupe which might have solved the weight issue! We imagine it must be very strange to drift in!

BMW M3 Line-up

We would have ours in black, de-badged and with just a single exhaust, fully prepped to destroy any number of sports cars at the traffic lights who would not have a clue what they had just been passed by!

BMW M3 Line-up

[Spotted By: Mitchell]


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