It that traditional fight once again. Two wheels vs four. Ride or drive. Power vs Weight. Bike vs. car. This video features very worthy contenders to represent the different forms of motoring.


The Mercedes SL63 is a brutal car that bludgeons the road with power and torque. The engine is a V8 bi-turbo engine which creates a mammoth 590lb ft of torque and 537bhp. As with the majority of AMGs, this huge power and torque is sent only to the rear tyres which as a result will not last many hundreds of miles if the car is driven in fury!

The Yamaha R1 weighs in at a tiny 450lb wet, but is armed with 180hp! A staggering power to weight ratio, as you will see it is not easy to but all of that power down without raising a front wheel!

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  2. There are a very few MB's that I've really liked (and the SL63 is not really among them). I think that the German engineering mindset interferes with the art of creating an automobile. Sometimes (like now) I consider that opinion a handicap. ♥ it or not, you have to respect the heck out of an automobile that can perform like a Mercedes (BMW or Audi) can, and yet still be as utilitarian as it is. I can't think of a single automobile that I *do* love that would be able to give the R1 such a run, and yet still be as well suited to dropping the kids off at school or going out to dinner with friends. The Germans have pegged this market like nobody else (…and they make an AMG S63 WAGON too! Teutonic nuttiness.).


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