Testing cars power outputs on dynos is always fun but its even more exciting after modifications have been made to the car and it is being tested for the first time. The car that was being dynoed this time is one that is exhilarating when stock. A 2006 Ford GT. This 3,351 lb slab of American muscle is fitted with a 5.4-liter Supercharged Modular V8 produces a very respectable 550hp enough to take the GT to 100km/h in a proven 3.2 seconds.

This however, is a Ford GT with a difference. This red and white-striped car paid a visit to tuners ‘Whipple’ and had a twin-screw supercharger fitted. The power output, which was tested in the video below, was found to produce an unbelievable 699hp. All that power is only fed to the rear wheels so we imagine that it must be quite a handful to drive on the limit!

As the video and images from Euroopean Auto Source show, the supercharged has transformed the supercar into a fire-breathing ground-shaking monster!


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