Security Cameras Capture the Brooklyn Lamborghini Aventador Crash

So following our recent post of the horrific Lamborghini Aventador crash which recently occurred in Brooklyn, New York City, video has emerged capturing the crash.


Two separate security cameras managed to film the incident as it happened which saw the Lamborghini Aventador split in half after hitting a tree. Early reports suggested that the Lamborghini Aventador driver was solely to blame for the crash, but as it turns out, another car played a key role in the crash.

At the 14 second mark in the above video, a black sedan appears heading in the opposite direction to the Italian supercar. It then begins to turn left, presumably heading to a driveway but cutting right in front of the Aventador, leaving the exotic absolutely nowhere to go. All the Aventador manages to do is swerve slightly to the right, but it’s not enough to avoid the sedan.

The Aventador then slams side-on into a tree, splitting the expensive supercar completely in two. It’s possible that the Lamborghini Aventador driver may have been travelling just over the speed limit, but it looks as though the other driver and their insurance company will have to pay to replace $400,000 supercar!

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  1. The carbon passenger cell did his job … note how the doors still open on the Aventador and the driver just steps out … I'm sure that impact on the pole was enormous, but still the most important fact remains … the occupants of the Aventador are fine … they were lucky, imagine the impact 50cm more to the front, that would be an entirely different outcome …

  2. If you look carefully in the "side yard" camera, the white Aventador is still moving *faster* than the black sedan was, after the crash.

    The black car attempted to make a turn that would have had plenty of clearance had the white car not been severely speeding.

    In the first shot, the white car appears to be going slower because it's farther away.


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