MEC Design have created a spectacular widebody kit for the last generation Mercedes SL. The MEC Design AXIOM-One Mercedes-Benz R230 Widebody considerably adds to the aggressive of the car. The package consists of front and rear bumpers with front lip and rear diffuser in Carbon finish, side skirts with LED lights, complete engine hood, 2 front wings, 2 wide rear wings and rear spoiler which all result in an incredible looking SL.

Other modifications include the very intricate MEC Design Alu Wheels from the meCCon series “CC5” in 11×20 + 13,5×21 Black/ Brushed Edition, wrapped with 285 + 375 Tyres and no spacers! Adding to the superb stance is the MEC Design ELS Lowering Module, which as you can see results in the car bein extremely low to the roads surface

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