We have all seen the story about the incredible supercar collection owned not by a collector but by a police force! The Dubai fleet which includes the spectacular and rare Aston Martin One-77, Ferrari FF and this Lamborghini Aventador that looks sublime and even more aggressive with the Dubai Police livery and lights. Other cars in the fleet include the Mercedes SLS, BMW M6 and Ford Mustang, again all feature the livery that have made them a must see around the streets of the Emirate.

The force insist that the cars are vital as they tackle the issue of dangerous driving and speeding, the Sheikh Zayed Road providing the perfect place for owners of the many supercars that adorn Dubai’s streets to illegally race making the country one of the most dangerous in the world to drive in.

This particularly Lamborghini Aventador is not the original Dubai Police car but a copy designed by the Dutch company JD Customs. The owner of this Dubai Police Edition is participating a secret event at the moment, called The Challenge 2013. If you are lucky, you can probably spot it somewhere in Europe.

This stunning shoot of the Police Aventador was taken by Bjorn Nieborg Photography and is GTspirits photo of the day!


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