Exit the electric car era and enter the electromagnetic car era; this is what you find. An era where sports cars are no longer defined by fuel technology but by locomotion in a futuristic manner that movies have tried to portray. Indeed, some of these technologies are already in practice only that we don’t get to see them very often.

You are looking at the MagLev Racer, a car that is propelled at speeds of up to 350 km/h by magnetic levitation tracks, keeping the travel time and road traffic to a minimum. It’s designed by Gray Design, a Design studio based in Sweden, who in the recent past have showed us the Xhibit G. They say that this MagLev Racer can use electromagnetic levitation infrastructure by exploring both connectability and holographic display technology.

The styling of the MagLev Racer has been inspired by the Peugeot featuring crescent lights, wide grill, chamfered roof line and curved back window. The car has a driving mode called Convoy Mode which allows you to network to other cars in the convoy. Meanwhile, the car is connected by electromagnetic strips at the front and rear. In convoy mode one can share media or even have a holographic conference. Grey Design also says that Convoy mode is also great for getting home from night outs with your friends.

If you want to engage into manual driving, a steering wheel will emerge from the dashboard. The car has Holospheres allowing you to see 3D representation of the surrounding traffic and a wide range of communication channels including video calls.

Are we ready for such technology?


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