Let’s face it, the all new Range Rover Sport has redefined the SUV and luxury car segment. Combining the two, it decimates every other competitor not to mention that it now holds a Pikes Peak record!

Locals will have been able to catch the latest action from the British SUV at the Goodwood Aerodrome early yesterday morning ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 starting on Friday. FortyOneSix.com which is Goodwood’s online magazine and social media website, organized a Plane vs Car race between the Range Rover Sport and a 1,750bhp Vickers Supermarine Spitfire plane. Just like all plane vs car races, the plane always had the advantage but the Range Rover did not go down without a fight!

At the wheel of the 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged engine producing 510 hp was Mike Cross, Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Vehicle Integrity Engineer while the plane was flown by Matt Jones from the Boultbee Flight Academy. The plane has 1,750bhp from a V12 Merlin engine which can hit a maximum speed of 400mph.

The race involved several challenges set by the organizers, for the Range Rover Sport, its new Torque Vectoring technology helped it overcome the overwhelming bumpy and grassy airfield, it managed a top speed of 130 mph. Cross said;

The team couldn’t resist the challenge laid down by FortyOneSix.com and to race such a British icon. It’s always difficult to find traction from a standing start on grass, but the Range Rover Sport made a great launch off the line. I was surprised by how bumpy the course was as I accelerated up to 130mph, and of course the other extreme challenge is to brake in time for the turn-around, but the car felt composed throughout the whole run.

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