Koenigsegg CCX

We’ve just received info about a Koenigsegg CCR that crashed at this weekend’s GT Polonia event. It looks as though the accident happened during the street race section of the event. From the video it appears as though the driver lost control of the car, smashing into a barrier. We are unsure as to whether there were any injuries, however, the presence of multiple ambulances suggests that several spectators may have been caught by the Swedish supercar.


Reports direct from the person who uploaded the video suggest that 10 people were knocked over and are currently receiving treatment. Our friends over at GTboard were at the event and say that the owner had his traction control turned off attempting to drift his car when the accident happened. More info as and when we receive it.

Update: Several videos added that show the accident from various angles. According to the latest information, four spectators suffered serious injuries and a further 15 were less seriously injured.

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  1. the first spin should of been enough 4 him 2 calm down and not go crazy but brain as small as his y the looks of it failed 2 understand that.

    • Sane as Norweigan who put a koenni in ditch too.Think u a racedriver with ur crappy car and put a real racer in the wall.not saying i wouldnt put the sweet car in the first pole.never said im a racedriver :).tried once with the semifast slk280 and im still washing the pants after a close one :) hahahahahaha

  2. I can not blame only the driver, as a matter of fact since it is an event happens every year; Organizers for the event holds responsibility as they should think safety for audience and keep enough space to avoid such a dramatic accidents…..


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