Welcome to Santa Monica, a beachfront city in western Los Angeles, California and one of the locations that served as a stopover for the goldRush Rally V. The cars had assembled outside the luxurious Fairmont Hotel on June 10. They were headed to Las Vegas and luckily we had IamTed7 Car Photography on location ready to snap some shots most of which are what you see below.

After the brief stop-off in Santa Monica, the car would head over to a dragstrip in Nevada where they would smoke some tires and showcase their talents on the track. However, most of the participants decided to skip that bit and headed straight to Las Vegas. The rally lineup was heavy with the very best supercars including the Batventador, the Ferrari 458 Italia and a couple of Mercedes SLS AMGs just to name a few!

This year’s rally passes through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Memphis, St Louis and Chicago. The West Coast leg of the rally started in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the city of San Francisco. It hosted the start line and from there the participants travelled via coastal roads to Los Angeles followed by Las Vegas.

The drivers spent two days in Las Vegas partying hard while the cars were being transported to Dallas. Dallas will be the start of the East coast leg of the rally followed by Memphis, St. Louis. The rally will end with a big bang in true goldRush Rally style in Chicago.

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