Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

You may remember that some time back we revealed to you the real meaning of La Vie En Blue as used by Bugatti. Well, this post should not be much of a problem to you despite the title being in French, as a matter of fact, the event was purely British! Briefly, La Vie En Bleu in regard to Bugatti is the French racing blue color on their cars, started from their racing cars back in the day and now widely used on their road cars.

This event however, is an event that was held at Prescott Hill Climb, In the Cotswolds. This is the home of the Bugatti Owners Club since 1937. The event as you can see from the gallery provided to us by Stutheo Automotive Photography shows several Bugatti road cars, some in the French Racing Blue including the classic race car.

It was Jack Barclay Bugatti who provided three Veyron’s for the event. One of them was the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse finished in Blue Carbon and contrasting Light Blue, or French racing blue. The other two were Grand Sports one in Bugatti’s Black Blue and the other in Sprint Blue Pearl. There were two Bugatti EB110s in the event which featured scissor open doors and of course the legendary Bugatti Type 37C.

The Vitesse was the only Bugatti that showed action on the track where it did four demonstrations runs foolowed by a Benetton B190 F1 car that took Nelson Piquet to victory at Suzuka.

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