BMW M3 by Rs Tuning

The R’s Tuning have proven to be one of the eminent tuners from the California region having featured several of their projects on here. The most famous from the tuner has to be the Fast 6 Nissan GT-R which went viral on the automotive news; the tuner has another interesting project which will likely divide opinions amongst the BMW M3 fans.

It’s a project based on a BMW E92 M3 which they have revived. In the photos you notice both a white and blue car, reason being, the project came in with the white paint and was finished in the blue paint, in both cases the pink accents were present at some point. What really catches the eye is how they carefully placed the pink accents on the body, small details that turn the whole car looking nice and we all know pink is not the color to play around as the car may end up looking misplaced.

The diffuser system was designed for Amuse exhaust but they made the brackets for Akrapovic. The diffuser can also be modified to fit with other exhausts too. They also installed Aerocatch to ensure no more loose hood. The wheels are also painted pink too to match the rest of the accents which are distributed across the whole car evenly including the side mirrors.


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