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Ferrari Confirms That an Extreme LaFerrari Will not Happen

LaFerrari FXX

LaFerrari FXX

Just a few days after news leaked suggesting that Ferrari was developing an even more extreme and lightweight version of the LaFerrari, Ferrari officials have revealed that no such car is being developed.

The original report from Autocar suggested that while speaking with the LaFerrari’s chief designer, Flavio Manzoni indicated a more extreme version of the LaFerrari was being produced, However, according to Ferrari officials who spoke with CarsUK, no such car is being created and the original report was nothing more than speculative fantasy.

Further compounding the point that the aforementioned publication was at fault, the original article is no longer online all but admitting that an unfortunate mistake was made.

Ferrari have since confirmed that there are currently no plans for a model to sit above the LaFerrari and such a car hasn’t even been discussed within the company.

After all, Ferrari didn’t call the car “The Ferrari” for no reason. It’s supposed to be the absolute ultimate supercar Ferrari has ever produced and simply creating a more extreme version would almost render its advancements as not revolutionary enough.

[Via CarsUK]



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