SmokeFest 2013 by Big Power Racing

Big Power Racing is a tuner based in New York and each year they hold a special barbeque event dubbed SmokeFest where their customers and friends bring in their cars, burn some rubber and and also enjoy the meals. This year’s events looked fantastic and thanks to wheels specialists and manufacturer D2 Forged Wheels who attended the event, largely represented by their customers too, the photoshoot you see comes from them.

Held on a Sunday; and with lots of refreshments from their Long Island shop, the cars took it to the streets and darkened the asphalt with the hot rubber. They ranged from muscle cars, sports cars and imports; some of the cars have already been featured on here including the red Dodge Challenger tuned by Big Power Racing with their D2 Forged Wheels. The rest of the cars consisted of mainly muscle cars which in this case stole the show when it came to burning the rubber!


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