Video: Audi RS4 vs Audi S4 by REVO Technik on Chris Harris on Cars

On paper, Audi seems to have the A4 range perfected.

With a selection of base A4 models making up the vast majority of cars sold by Audi from this family, and then the more powerful S4 version and ultimately the RS4 variant completing the line-up, Audi has ensured that each car provides its own thrills and doesn’t impede on the market of another.

However, after purchasing a second hand Audi S4, Chris Harris wasn’t so convinced about that fact and got in touch with the team at REVO Technik who claim they’ve had more success tuning the Audi S4 B8 model than almost any other car.

As a result, Chris Harris thought it was only fitting to pit his completely standard Audi S5 against the much more powerful Audi RS4 and yep, the results are just as you’d expect.

However, after a simple tuning by REVO Technik which literally takes just a few seconds, horsepower of the Audi S4 has been lifted by at least 70hp and the race is on yet again.

Can a cheap Audi S4 tuned for a few thousand dollars in a couple of seconds really be faster than an Audi RS4? Well, watch the video to find out!



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