Ferrari Awards 3,000 Employees €4,000 Competitiveness Bonuses

As a result of 2012 being Ferrari’s most successful year ever with the broader 2010-2012 years being almost as impressive, all 3,000 Ferrari employees are set to receive competitiveness bonuses for such a successful year last year of $5,120 each.

Working for a company as renowned and respected as Ferrari has to already have numerous perks most notably the fact that you could simply show-off your close ties to a supercar manufacturer like Ferrari, but this latest news just goes to show how fortunate a job it can be!

“Our company ended 2012 with record results after a triennium of continuous growth. That is down to the extraordinary amount of work you have done,” Montezemolo wrote in a letter to the employees.

If everything continues like this, and with cars such as the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo and LaFerrari it should, Luca di Montezemolo hopes to hand out additional bonuses for the next three years.

[Via Carscoops]


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