UK Court Dismisses Tesla and Top Gear U.K Case

Ever since Top Gear conducted a track-test of the Tesla Roadster back in 2008, the company behind the electric sports car, Tesla Motors, has been locked in a bitter feud with Top Gear after it alleged the U.K. team faked a scene where the Tesla Roadster was shown running out of power.

Late last year, the case was officially dismissed in a U.K. court and now it’s just been confirmed that Tesla’s appeal of last year’s decision in its libel lawsuit has also been dismissed.

During the 2008 track test, Top Gear was forced to drive a second test vehicle after the first reportedly ran out of power after just 55 miles. This was significantly down on Tesla’s estimate of a 200 mile range.

“I am pleased that the Appeal Court has upheld the previous ruling and the case has been struck out,” Andy Wilman, executive producer of Top Gear, said today. “I’d also like to apologize to the judges for making them have to watch so much ’Top Gear.’”

[Via Bloomberg]

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