Video: Maserati GranTurismo With MC Sportline Exhaust

Although the Maserati GranTurimso may not have the straight-line capabilities to match up to its Ferrari brethren, the stock standard car does produce a Ferrari F430 and Ferrari California rivalling exhaust note, which leaves the question as to why anyone would want to make the Maserati GranTurismo even louder?

The owner of the following GranTurimso obviously doesn’t think that way, and decided to fit his new Italian supercar with an MC Sportline Exhaust which dramatically increases the car’s exhaust note and gives it an even more aggressive growl!

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  1. the Maserati exhaust note doesn't 'rival' anyone's–it just beats everybody–makes the 4.7L V8 <yeah, Ferrari built> engine sing in a way it won't EVER in a Ferrari– thanks to ingenuity, and NOT BEING the redheaded stepchild.


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