Active Autowerke Blitzkrieg BMW M3

One of the latest projects from Active Autowerke is this Blitzkrieg BMW M3 which has been treated to several aftermarket parts from various tuning houses. Firstly it features a stage 3 Active Autowerke supercharger which includes a front mount air-to-air intercooler system with a separate oil cooler for the supercharger unit’s independent oil system.

The tuner utilized a set of forged wheels that sport Brembo super brake kit while the aerodynamics features a Mode Carbon Variant 2 GTS Spoiler. The exterior on the other hand sports an art theme all around. As part of enhancing the airflow, they utilized their very own Active Autowerke full exhaust system. Expect a substantial amount of power gains from this M3 considering the supercharger kit and exhaust system always count for such gains.

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