Rare Lancia Stratos HF Captured at Nurburgring

Even though the original Lancia Stratos can be out-paced by almost any modern-day hot hatch, very few road-legal cars have the racing pedigree of the Stratos.

In its hey-day, the Stratos dominated all-forms of rallying, wrapping up multiple world titles before being retired from competitive racing. The road-legal version features a 190hp engine, capable of launching the lightweight car to 100km.h in just 7.1 seconds and onto a top speed of 230km/h. However, thanks to the car’s complicated four-wheel drive system and tiny wheelbase, it provides thrills like no other car.

Add to that an extremely loud, unrestricted exhaust note, and the point that just 200 road-going variants were produced, and the rarity and exclusivity of the car becomes clear, which is why spotting one near the Nurburgring is such an epic achievement!

[Via Autogespot]

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  1. Complicated 4WD system? What's so complicated about sending power directly to the back wheels? In fact, I'd say that's the least complicated 4WD system ever, considering it only has to do half the work of all other 4WD systems.

    Or am I just overthinking it?


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