Video: Tesla Model S Defeats Dodge Viper SRT10 to Become Fastest Electric car

Despite the weight which is added when creating an electric sports car, due to the heavy batteries used, electric cars can accelerate spine-tinglingly quickly thanks in part to their supreme traction and the fact that they only have one gear.

This fact was recently showcased when the Tesla Model S Performance faced off with the much more powerful Dodge Viper SRT10 at an American drag strip.

Unsurprisingly, the lower-powered Model S Performance gets the better start as it has more traction than the Viper, but one could easily assume the Viper would quickly catch up before the quarter mile mark, right?

Well, that wasn’t the case, as the Tesla Model S Performance managed to stay comfortably ahead through to the finish and claimed the record for the world’s quickest production electric car completing the quarter mile in just 12.371 seconds and hitting 60mph in 3.9 seconds.

[Via Drag times]

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