It’s almost hard to comprehend that carbon fiber was first used extensively in a production road-car with the McLaren F1 over twenty years ago. Nowadays, almost every supercar on the market is made out of the stuff, or features significant parts constructed from this super-strong yet super-light fiber.

Carbon fiber used in road-cars has almost always stemmed directly down from previous research and development in Formula One cars and this has helped manufacturers such as McLaren and Lamborghini to mass produce some of the first carbon fiber monocoque chassis on the market.

In order to showcase just how far this material has come, Lamborghini has released a video showcasing how the Aventador makes use of carbon fiber while also showing how the Boeing Dreamliner is also made in a similar fashion as the two companies have a close connection in developing the material.

As a quick refresher, the Aventador has utilised carbon fiber extensively for its monocoque, body, chassis, ceramic brake system, and numerous other body parts and panels.


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