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Video: Porsche 911 Captured in “Motionless Driving” Presentation

Porsche 911 in Motionless Driving

Porsche’s latest generation of 911 sports car, dubbed the 991-series, mark a significant advancement in the production of such German sports cars and have helped to reinvigorate new life into the old-911 platform which despite its age, continues to be one of the most impressive sports cars on the market.

And in order to showcase the new 911 in all of its beauty, Porsche recently set up the car at the company’s Center Padova at a special event with projection-mapping technology which aims to capture the emotions of driving such a car while the car in fact remains stationary the entire time.

It’s all extremely technical and even though it’s hard to wrap your head around the technology behind such a presentation, it’s definitely worth watching!



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