Renault has been hard at work collaborating with sports car manufacturer Caterham for some time now in order to create a new sports car for the French brand. However, such a car may appear much sooner than previously thought.

The marketing boss for Renault, Stephen Norman confirmed that a new Renault Alpine could be just three years away, rather than the four years or more previously predicated. He went onto state that “It won’t be more hardcore than a Mazda MX-5. What we do will not be soft, but not hardcore like a Peugeot 106 Rallye. You can’t betray the DNA of Alpine. That’s a third of what the car will be.”

Norman then went onto claim that “It must be light and look different, and have a touch of French dash. It’s not a car for dandies, though. We know who the buyer is: he’s either French or a Francophile. And the car has technical innovation as part of its DNA.”

By collaborating with a brand such as Caterham, Renault will hope to create a new sports car to rival the likes of the Porsche Boxster/Cayman and Audi TT and would likely use a Renault-sourced engine creating 250hp, while also costing a similar amount to the aforementioned rivals. The 2015 Renault Alpine could launch as early as the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

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  1. Dream on ! . This has next to Zero chance of ever happening in light of Nissan/Renault’s financial woes . Less than Zero actually .

    Norman’s simply taking a lesson from his minder’s ( Ghosn ) play book by blowing smoke up our noses

  2. I hope they go ahead with that one, but with some proper hp/kw’s…

    and as for mr(s) GS comment well what can i say as studys show over 80+% of the time GS you are wrong, i dont know what you are selling but…lol, your a funny one that has NO idea how to sell themself!

    My guess you have to be a “writer” for some company in the Automotive industrie… as your target market here on this site is all that dont know you and your comments!

    Your the worlds worst salesman…


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