Entering an industry as competitive as the automotive industry is a great challenge and with this challenge, many firms fall short of the mark and are unable to survive under such tumultuous conditions.

Fortunately, UK automaker Morgan has been able to resist and fight through the Global Economic Crisis and current economic problems throughout much of Europe and continues to produce some of the rarest and most individual cars anywhere in the world.

And in a chat with UK newspaper, The Telegraph, the company’s CEO Charles Morgan discussed the future of the company and how its success relies heavily on the fact of it being able to produce cars for very specific niche markets which satisfy the needs and wants of just a few, but those few are often extremely passionate about the company’s products.

Additionally, Charles Morgan revealed that the brand is currently working on developing a new material combining aluminium and magnesium to which future chassis could be built from. Such a material would allow Morgan to produce its chassis in the traditional way it currently does, while also making them 20 percent lighter.

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