A new Austrian supercar is in the works from little known automotive firm Milan Supercars. No official details have been released about the car, except for a video on YouTube depicting their Abarth supercar which Milan Supercars recently shared with GTspirit.

Although the name may seem familiar, this car has no affiliation with Abarth and as a result, we think there’s a chance that Fiat’s tuning-arm of Abarth may not be too happy there name is being used a new supercar. Nevertheless, the Milan Abarth promises to be an incredible fast, lightweight and powerful hypercar which on track, which could easily compete with the best from Radical and Caterham.

In the video, Milan Supercars claim that the Abarth can pump out 1,300hp on regular pump gas, and 1,700hp on racing fuel. Combined with a total weight of just 1,200kg, and it becomes clear just how potent this car could turn out to be.

Only seven units of the Abarth will be produced with the wheels set to measure 245/40/18 up front and 335/30/18 at the rear.

The Milan Supercars website claims that something is “Coming Soon December 2012”, meaning we should receive more details on the car in the next two weeks. Stay tuned as this could be game-changer!

Milan Abarth logo

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