Spy shots featuring the McLaren P1 in final production trim have been shared all around the net for a couple of months now, but the following video is something different. Not only does it capture the beautiful presence of the P1, it also manages to capture the exhaust note of McLaren’s latest hypercar on numerous instances and gives us our first look at the P1’s cabin.

Based on the footage below, the cabin seems to have taken clear inspiration from the McLaren 12C with its center console flowing down the cockpit to clearly separate the driver from the passenger. Similarly, this particular P1 seems to feature exactly the same steering wheel as the 12C while a custom LCD-display also seems to be present. For now it is unknown if the interior of the test mule will be the final cabin design.

Based on this footage and other spy shots captured over recent weeks, it appears as though the production version of the McLaren P1 will be almost identical to the concept shown at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, as the exterior shots seem to capture identical bodywork.

Unfortunately, McLaren made the decision early on to keep the performance and engine specifications under wraps but we suspect the P1 will feature a significantly uprated version of the 12C’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine coupled with an F1-style KERS system. All up, the P1 should produce well over 800hp and possibly up to 1,000hp when it’s launched in final production spec at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

McLaren P1 interior shot

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