The fourth Abflug release we have to present is based on the R230 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. Of course, the R230 is a bit only now. The R230 saw production from 2001 and received a number of facelifts up until it got superceded by the R231 in 2011. This particular example is based on one of the earlier models.

The body kit includes a new front bumper, increased hood venting, front fender arches, a set of side skirts, rocker panels, a redesigned rear bumper, a set of fender arches, a rear diffuser and, finally, a new rear spoiler. It looks as though all body panels will be replaced, creating a radical new body style!

The suspension gets a complete overhaul using Abflug components for the shrings and dampers. DIXCEL brakes will be installed, hidden by 20 inch Abflug Prism III wheels.

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