British cycling legend recently visited the McLaren Technology Centre to take a look around. During his visit, McLaren Special Operations unveiled a unique McLaren MP4-12C with a satin green finish and the Cavendish name etched into the door jamb.

The colour was inspired by the jersey worn by the points leader on each stage of the Tour de France. It isn’t clear whether the car is being used by Mark Cavendish, but we do believe that the color can be offered for customers opting for some MSO special treatment!

This year Mark Cavendish entered the Tour de France record books with the accolade of ‘best-ever Tour sprinter’. The acheivement might well have gone noticed by some in the wake of Bradley Wiggins overall win, but Cavendish acheived something very special indeed. He has 23 stage wins in the annual event, fourth-most prolific stage winner in the race’s history.

McLaren provide support for Cavendish in the form of his carbon fiber Specialized S-Works + McLaren Venge bike. Cavendish rode this bike during the 2011 season before moving to Team Sky.

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  1. I’m not sure who’s awarding Cav that honor but its a bit premature as well as calling him a ‘ Legend ‘ at present . Granted he’s a mighty fine bike racer and may in the end attain both ‘ Legend ‘ status as well as ‘ Best Tour Sprinter ‘ but at this point the man has a lot of catching up to do .

    As to the Cav MP4-12C bit from McLaren …. well …. thats more than just a bit pretentious , irrelevant , as well as cynical IMO seeing as how Cav is riding on the wrong ‘ brand ‘ bike . Ahhh desperation and lack of sales and the endless as well as meaningless roads a manufacture will travel down in their vain attempts to try and resolve the matter

    Oh BTW McLaren . In case this fact escaped your attention . Cav did not win the Green Jersey this year . That honor went to Sagan …. who drives a Porsche now in case you were wondering


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