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Official: Porsche Panamera GTM by Misha Designs

Porsche Panamera GTM by Misha Designs

Following a public debut at the SEMA 2012 car show in Las Vegas, Misha Designs has officially released their Porsche Panamera GTM body kit. The kit was developed for all Porsche Panamera models and is a direct bolt on kit.

The package features 22 inch Giovanna Mecca Concave wheels and wider tires. The Porsche Panamera GTM kit includes an all-new front bumper with optional lower carbon fiber lip spoiler. The fenders are wider and are functional, drawing air out from behind the front wheels. The special two-tone paint job done by JC Customs highlights the new aggressive hood.

The side skirts flow smoothly into the new rear fender flares. The rear bumper comes with optional carbon fiber diffuser. There is also an optional wide body rear bumper with wide body fender flares. The rear trunk and roof spoilers are also designed to increase the down force.



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