The general consensus following the release of the McLaren P1 is that the finished production model will set new standards within its market segment. That hasn’t stopped David Cardoso from producing his own interpretation on what the McLaren P1 could have looked like!

This particular design study is built upon the McLaren P1 base. It takes key styling elements and creates a car that looks closer to the MP4-12C. The design itself incorporates more straight lines, removing the curves characteristic of the new P1.

The front facia features a low front spoiler with three air vents. The P1’s McLaren logo-modeled headlights have been removed in favour of more conventional units, the bonnet still features two intake vents. Moving further to the rear, the sides to the MC-1 are smoother and broken only by two air vents, one on the rear pillar, the other on the cars shoulder.

At the rear, the MC-1 resembles the MP4-12C with its central exhaust. The design is finished off with a set of turbine alloy wheels! Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

[Via Carscoop]

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  1. Beautiful renderings indeed, but I don’t see how this design could have 5 times more downforce than the MP4-12C (as the P1 is supposed to).


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