California-based tuning shop/auto dealer, Galpin Auto Sports has stated they plan to build a 1,000hp+ supercar inspired by the design of the Ford GT. The car is reportedly to be named the GTR-1.

Not much more information is available beyond the statement from Galpin that this project is indeed moving forward. However, MotorTrend is reporting that customers will be given the option of either a carbon fiber or aluminum body, based loosely on a longer version of the out-of-production 2005-2006 model year Ford GT.

Interior trim and ancillary accouterments can be customized to the owners preference. Rumors do point to the fact that Galpin is toying with the idea of upping the horsepower to levels surpassing their planned 1,000.

A 1,000hp Ford GT is not impossible, as tuners the likes of Hennessy have offered similar upgrades for quite some time. The difference here, however, is that Galpin is venturing to relatively unknown territory by fabricating such extensive modifications, rather than tuning an existing platform.

Galpin have a strong track record here in the States, as they were the first dealer to sell cars produced by the late Carroll Shelby. The GTR-1 will be built to order.

Expect to hear more next year. We will keep you updated.

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