German tuner Unicate have released their rendition of a modified Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG. Modifications done by the guys at Unicate include 21 inch AMG wheels, with 256 size tires including spacers front and rear in order to provide a more aggressive ride heighth and avoid tire rub.

Additional modifications to the ride height include a MEC designed ELS lowering module, with programmable settings allowing the driver to customize the height for any number of different scenarios. Other modifications from MEC include a custom AMG styled exhaust, dubbed the “Apocalypse” edition. We’re assuming that means it’s loud.

A three-piece carbon fiber rear spoiler was added for additional flair, complementing Unicate’s interior garnishing. Custom interior floor mats were included, with nubuck edging further differentiating the interior from a stock CL 63.

Engine management tweaks also allowed Unicate to squeeze another 72hp out of the twin-turbo block. They were able to do this without modifying any internal code in the car, meaning it will look entirely stock to anyone keen enough to delve into the car’s computers.

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