Bugatti just released images and details of a special Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport made by artist Bernar Venet for Art Basel Miami 2012. Bugatti invited Venet to create a work of art that combines the artist’s vision and passions with Bugatti’s Veyron Grand Sport.

The result is ‘a painterly exterior and an interior that alludes to haute couture’ according to a Bugatti spokesperson. The one-of-a-kind Grand Sport artwork will be on view at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012.

Bernar Venet is a French artist based in New York and one of the most influential contemporary sculptors of this time. During the summer of 2011, Venet unveiled his monumental sculptures in a solo exhibition at the Château de Versailles in France, becoming one of only five contemporary artists to be given the honor.

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