Taking a casual glance at the title of this article, you might be mistaken for thinking that Fiat tuner Abarth is about to present a true supercar. That is not the case. This exclusive sports car is a creation from Karl Abarth, a well-known Austrian citizen.

With a limited production run of just seven units this will be a very exclusive car. Even more exclusive is the fact that all of the cars will be different from each other as the customers may choose every single detail. The price? The 2013 Milan Abarth starts from €300,000.

Under the hood the customers will have a choice between engines ranging from 600hp up to 1,700hp. The power figure, combined with a maximum weight of just 1,100kg will allow a sprint from standstill to 100km/h, possible in under three seconds. Official presentation is planned for February 2013.

[Via Autoblog.nl]

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  1. Interesting . Its not a product of the FIAT/Abarth merger . Sure as ____ isn’t a product of Carlo ( Karl ) Abarth’s as he’s been gone for quite awhile now . Just got word from an Abarth family member its got nothing to do with them : nor have they given license or permission to use the family name on this vaporware travesty .

    So …. the Question is ; WTH is this thing ?

    Oh yeah . I already answered my question . Its a Vaporware Pie in the Sky travesty that in fact does not exist .

  2. You can’t call it “vaporware” because it’s not software, but I guess you have a point GS. Whether these things will actually see the light of day is anyone’s guess.


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