McLaren F1

McLaren’s F1 supercar will remain one of the best sports cars in history, that is a guarantee. If you have the money there are limited opportunities to buy one because current owners don’t want to sell.

Tom Hartley Jr. recently decided to sell his road car version of the McLaren F1. In doing so he immediately reached a sales record for the car, by selling it for about 3.5 million pounds (about 4.5 million euro). We can only imagine for what amount a McLaren F1 LM would sell for!

Hartley owns an exotic car dealership and has been buying and selling vehicles since he was 11-years-old. Even so, he says the F1 is still his favorite car of all time.

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  1. The F1’s monetary value finally catching up to its worth .

    Too bad nothing from the current McLaren line up can stand up to the F1 …. in dollars or impact . I’m guessing the residual values of the current McLaren’s won’t fair too well down the road either . Oh well . To paraphrase an old saying ;

    ‘ At least we had the F1 ‘

  2. The Mclaren F1 was a great car…but the Porsche 959(which also won the Paris-Dakar Rally(twice)) was the technological tour-de-force which so many cars today can thank in terms of smart and safety technology(which Porsche made a fortune in licensing out to other car mfg’s). Gordon Murry was right in staying home when the 911 GT1 vanquished the F1 at Le Mans(just as Ferrari & Ford did when the 917 was unleashed).

    Ervin Raab


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