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More Porsche 918 Spyder Details Leak Out

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One of the biggest Porsche 918 Spyder leaks occurred this weekend. Porsche have been very open about the car’s development so far, yet we haven’t learnt a lot of intricate details yet. That changes today as we hear pricing for the 918 Spyder and the Weissach-package, as well as a few details about the power plant, some of which we already knew about!

One of the first things we need to clarify is that the 918 Spyder will only be available in left hand drive. That fits with what Porsche offered for the Carrera GT previously. That means Porsche probably won’t sell any to Australia, New Zealand or Singapore. The price for the 918 Spyder is now expected to be 768,026 euros with the Weissach-package costing 839,426 euros.

As expected, the new details confirm that the 918 Spyder gets one combustion engine and two electric engines with E-Boost function. The combustion engine is a 4.6 liter V8 unit producing 580hp and more than 500Nm of torque. It gets a 70 liter fuel tank and a Euro 5-classification which is the current highest classification for pollutant emissions, meaning it produces less than one gram of carbon monoxide per kilometer.

Combustion engine is rear wheel drive and will be supported by one electric engine at the rear, and a second electric engine for the front wheels. The combined system will work in fully electric AWD mode at speeds up to 235km/h. The combined rating for both electric engines is 245hp, with 116hp for front wheels and 129hp for rear wheels. It will feature a Lithium-ion-battery with 6.8kWh capacity and a 3.6kW on board charger. For external charging, Porsche will offer a universal-charger.

Full power ratings will be around the 795hp mark with torque of 780Nm between 1,000 and 4,000rpm. For those that do the sums and come up with 825hp as the total figure instead, the maximum combined power output is produced at a rev range were the petrol engine does not produce its maximum power, therefore the maximum power will be different than the pure combined power as the different engines peak at different points.

The gearbox will be a seven speed Porsche PDK unit and the electronics systems will incorporate Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus), Electric Porsche Traction Management (ePTM) and an electric AWD-system. Further economy can be achieved through and Auto-Start-Stop system and a technology that Porsche call “Sailing”. The 918 Spyder’s turning circle will be 12.7 meters.

The front wheels measure 9.5Jx20 and wear 265/35 ZR20 rubber, the rear wheels feature 12.5Jx21 rims and wear 325/30 ZR21 rubber. Porsche’s Ceramic Braking system comes as standard measuring 410mm at the front with six-piston callipers, and 390mm at the rear with four-piston callipers. The 918 Spyder will also get an electric parking brake. Porsche will also fit LED-front lights with four point daytime running lights and LED-rear lights.

Inside, Porsche Communication Management System will be integrated with a seven-inch touch screen mounted to in center console. An eight-inch TFT display will give the driver all the information they require and Burmester will provide a highend surround sound system with eleven speakers and more than 500 watts of power. All of the above is included in the Porsche 918 Spyder’s 768,026 euro price tag. However, opt for the 839,426 euro Weissach-package and you will get a lot more.

The Weissach-package reduces the weight by 35kg. The standard 918 Spyder weighs 1,700kg DIN which includes the weight of the car with 90 percent fuel, no driver and no cargo. It makes more extensive use of magnesium, carbon fiber ehanced plastics, titanium and ceramic-parts whilst featuring foil inplace of paint to shave 2.5kg. Porsche also remove the wiring for the external quick charging station, fit a set of magnesium wheels to save 13.5kg, remove the air-condition and hi-fi system and use flame-resistant cloth instead of leather for the seats.

The final changes include carbon fiber enhance plastic-paddles for the PDK, a carbon interior package, special door interior panels without armrests and door pockets, straps instead of door handles, no glove compartment, no compartment in the center console, no carpeting in the foot wells, no carpeting in the boot and a six-point-harness. Essentially, they take a lot away in to reduce weight and offer increased performance and handling.

Of course, if you feel the Weissach package is too extreme for you then Porsche can include the standard leather, quick charging system, air conditioning and Burmester HiFi can be added for free. If you want the standard 918 Spyder with a few of the Weissach package goodies though, be prepared to get your cheque book out!

The foil as an addition to the paint will cost 11,900 euros, liquid metal paint costs 47,600 euros and liquid metal paint plus foil costs 59,500 euros. The magnesium wheel set adds 29,750 euros to the cost, a lifting system for front axle is 8,925 euros and the external Porsche quick charging system, which is rated to 20kW and reduces charging time from two hours to 0.5 hours costs 20,230 euros.

Special “Authentic” leather, made in Germany costs 23,800 euros, the interior carbon fiber package costs 6,545 euros and the electric comfort heating system costs which provides heating for the interior when only the electric engines are running 5,950 euros. Final options are the six-point-harness which adds 2,975 euros and the five-piece Luggage set which costs 17,731 euros. To pick up the car in Zuffenhausen is free, however, to pick it up in Leipzig costs an extra 6,545 euros.

[Via RennSpeed and Teamspeed]


  1. 3900 lbs curb weight with a 70KG driver, 795 BHP, and $1.0M USD. I’m not sure how this competes successfully with the McLaren P1 (more power, a LOT less weight) or presumably the upcoming Ferrari F70.


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