Exposition The Myth of Ferrari – Photography by Günther Raupp

Exposition The Myth of Ferrari - Photgraphy by Günther Raupp

The exhibition, “The Myth of Ferrari – Photography by Günther Raupp” displays the dreams bound up with the Ferrari brand. As a racing car driving from victory to victory driven by racing legends such as Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher. As a status symbol and object of fascination for the technological enthusiast.

In the Blower Hall, part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, at the Völklingen Ironworks you can check out an exhibition called the Myth of Ferrari – photography by Günther Raupp. More than fifty staged photographs from thirty Ferrari calendars are featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition also includes the presentation of ten Ferraris positioned alongside and between Günther Raupp’s pictures and the blowing engines dating from the dawn of large-scale engine technology building.

The must-see exposition is opened from 22 September 2012 until 20 January 2013. The opening times are daily from 10 AM until 6 PM. The World Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte is close to Saarbrücken in Germany and the borders with Luxemburg and France. For more information click here!



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