The Ferrari 458 is a magnificent achievement. A stellar example of art, design and engineering working in perfect harmony. And with a glee-inducing 0-60 time, hovering precariously near the precipice of three seconds, it would seem a bit futile for someone to challenge such a car to a race in their seemingly benign E30 BMW. And even after the aforementioned 458 dusted a Speedart BTR 600 Porsche 911 Turbo 9997 and a stock Nissan GT-R. Neither of which are slouches, in any sense of the word.

Confidence in abundance for the Ferrari drive, it seems. An easy defeat ready to be handed to any who challenge. Only one problem – this isn’t just your stock E30. No. Try a heinously turbocharged engine. And a roll-cage. And E85 ethanol fuel. Oh, and suitably gold wheels, which almost certainly clinched that extra five horsepower gain any self-respecting drag racer needs. In all seriousness, the video below is quite the sight to see.

We won’t spoil it for you, but we found ourselves grinning quite stupidly once viewed.

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