Spotting a Bugatti Veyron in the middle of the French countryside is quite rare, but spotting a line up of eight is the ultimate thing for any car enthusiast. Dutch Autovisie reader Achilles Durlinger came across a group of eight Veryons in the south of France and managed to photograph the supercars after they were stopped by the police.

The eight hypercars, with a total value of over 14 million euros, were on their way to the French Riviera. Durlinger told the magazine;

I saw a Bugatti Veyron driving past, then another one and another one. I thought to myself what is happening to me right now? I know the area quite well because I regularly organize tours with my business Duma Travel, but hardly see cars in this region. And now I saw eight Bugatti’s at once and in the middle of nowhere! After a while I saw them again, but then parked next to the road stopped by the police. They weren’t speeding, but one of the supercars had a wrong numberplate. The driver received a fine of 250 euros.

Eight Bugatti Veyron's Stopped in South of France 01


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