Edo Competition Ferrari ZXX

Edo Competition Ferrari ZXX

ZR Exotics released a number of images recently detailing their finished Ferrari ZXX recently. For those that don’t remember, it’s a rebuilt Enzo that crashed into a saltwater lake back in 2011. Edo Competition received the car immediately after the accident happened in Canada and they have been working on it ever since. It’s now in transit back to its owner, but before it left Germany, Philipp Lücke and Keno Zache got the opportunity to take a few photos!

We haven’t had an official release yet and we’re simply gathering teaser photos to give you an initial view of the car, however, its clear that the work has been extensive! Edo Competition initially carried out all the necessary work, removing the salt water and all the damaged parts, leaving just the bare basics of the vehicle. At this point Rana decided to have the car upgraded a little with a specification of 950hp being the decided figure. Edo Competition achieved this, along with extensive modifications to the original Ferrari Enzo bodywork.

The Enzo had previously been kitted out with a wide range of upgrades. The new build retains many of the same styling modifications including the FXX-style rear spoiler, modified exhaust exits, a new rear skirt and a new set of LED’s at the rear. Added to this, the ZXX upgrades give a new front nose, side air vents, LED front lights and a bespoke interior at the very least.

We’ll have to wait to find out more about this custom hypercar. We will keep you updated!


  1. Was thinking about Zahir’s Enzo the other day. What a Boss, to spec it up like this after his accident!


    Looking forward to some Clips on it!


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